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Author:  Enfinger
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Date:  9/8/2004 7:53:41 PM
Subject:  Way back then ..
Message:  I've really enjoyed reading the post of "the good ol'days" ... it WAS a magical time when Mick was among us on this board. I remember in the pre-Mick days that a new-comer to the internet, Bill Smith, used to keep me in stitches with his banter with Dave ... threatend Dave with dropping off his five kids for Dave to keep ... Dave swore it wouldn't work out ... see, he lived under a bridge.

Phil & I speculated that Bill must be ex-military ... probably Navy ... really enjoyed his post ... then he went away (kinda like I have) ..... & this is what's spooky .. the day I left Georgia for, what turned out to be the FIRST gathering, I logged on one last time & there was a post by our long lost friend .. So Sad he couldn't have made it to Perdido Key. Sure glad he finally got to meet "The Man".

And then along came Susan W. ... finally had some beauty among all these 'ol far$s, I mean "friends"(sorry Keith Bowman) ... My, those were the days!!!! Love you ALL!!! Thank you again Dave!! Where's Dale Hamilton, "The Islander"?

Pleasant listening,


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