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Author:  Chad J. Moreillon
E-mail:  chadjames_99@hotmail.com
Date:  9/8/2004 4:34:06 PM
Subject:  Thank you all!
Message:  Hello My name is Chad J. Moreillon and I am a willow tree!
My father is Jim Moreillon and he and I have been Mickey Newbury fans for a long time now. He started teaching me about life as he knows it through Mickey and I can tell you that I listened. There is a beauty in this life that Mickey could not only put into words, but make you feel! I do love hearing Mickey explain things and feel like I understand, but then again, do I? What A wonderful teacher/ singer/ song writer/ friend to all! I have been stationed in Iraq for 6 months now and I can tell you that what I have seen hasn't all been bad. Some of the best people that I could have ever met have been here with me the whole time and I thank God for them. As I thank God for you all! Your prayers have kept me and my men safe, I know, I have seen what happens with the help of prayer and faith! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and the hearts of my men.
2nd Lieutenant Chad J. Moreillon
United States Army Infantry
and Jim Moreillon Son

 Thank you all! by Chad J. Moreillon  at 9/8/2004 4:34:06 PM
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