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Author:  Jonmark
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Date:  9/8/2004 12:39:52 PM
Subject:  Re: A Helping Hand
Hi Nico-

Mickey was always interested in hearing things I was working on. He treated those moments as a guiding editor would.

He would rearrange my lines, show me where I could do better, and even add complete phrases of his own.
He was not asking for co-writing credit and would laugh it off when suggested.

I have one old lyric sheet where the only decent lines on the whole page are Mickey's hand written notes.

He was a natural and giving teacher who genuinely loved helping his "kids" grow.

Now, not all his "kids" were younger, and some became very successful writers. I wouldn't be surprised if there are un-credited Newbury lines tucked away in hit songs.

But, as in my relationship with him, I'd bet alot that 99% of those lines were gifts freely given.

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