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Author:  Texasroyce
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Date:  9/6/2004 1:41:10 PM
Subject:  Re: Evacuated!
Message:  Not to worry-we are in California but my wife arranged a house exchange once in South Carolina for about 10 days. We were across the river from Charleston and I had warned her about Hurricane season. She poo-poohed the thought. Sure enough right after labor day here it came and was headed right for the aircraft Carrier and I knew it was gonna roll that big ship right in our back yard.

We headed for Asheville to hide out. It finally turned toward Myrtle Beach and then turned again and hit Wrightsville and tore that place up. It put so much water in Asheville that it drowned the golf course and I wasn't to golf. Then back to Charleston for sweating in the humidity. It rained so heavy I headed for the airport and came home early. Too much of everything except comfort. I'm staying away from that part of the country at this time of the year. Give me my earthquakes where I'm comfortable.   

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