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Author:  Keith
E-mail:  chiefengbo@hotmail.com
Date:  9/5/2004 9:36:56 PM
Subject:  Going to the Beach..
Message:  Josephine and I and my son Erik, wife Dusty, and my little grand-daughter Ariel are headed for Myrtle Beach in the morning- Great timing, huh?? Right between Frances and "Ivan the Terrible"..

It's been planned for quite a while. Years ago when we went down there late in the summer, Myrtle Beach was evacuated, so we moved on down to Hylton Head Island.. I didn't know Jonmark then, or Margaret. Too bad.. Could have been with Porch friends!

Anyway, I think I'll be happy just watching that little munchkin walking around on her first legs...

 Going to the Beach.. by Keith  at 9/5/2004 9:36:56 PM
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