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Author:  Dave
E-mail:  dfrank1@earthlink.net
Date:  9/5/2004 7:05:50 PM
Subject:  The early day, LL, you asked for it
Message:  Ok, LL, here we go, to the best of my feeble memory. Ernie, jump in any time you want. I can’t even tell you the year, but around ’94. I was on Prodigy and they had these bulletin boards, where you could post about things. I think this was under Country Music. Now, I had known Mick since the ’77, but had lost track of him for about a year. He hadn’t been through Houston & I’d lost his phone number. Anyway, I put a post on Prodigy to that effect. It was within a day, Ernie responded, that he’d made it his life’s quest, to find the man who had meant so much to him, with his music. We were trading information when a guy from Oklahoma, Bobby Freeman, joined in. Similar to Ernie, he had been searching for this man. Then Jim Gatti in Michigan. Told of how he and his brother had worn the grooves through on the old vinyl they had. This is all in a period of about a week, as I remember. Bobby owned a bookstore in Broken Arrow, OK, and Barnes & Noble was moving in down the street. Jim was the editor of the Detroit newspaper that had been under strike at the time. There were some others who popped in & out. A lady in New Mexico was regular for a time. You just have to remember that at that time, 28 kb was the standard & we were just on Prodigy. Things were not as easy (if that’s the right word) as they are today. Anyway, I finally ran down Mick through a mutual friend. I told him about Ernie & Ernie ended up flying to SF to meet the man of his quest. We started telling Mick about what we saw with the internet & he became interested. At first he was very reluctant, not wanting to bare himself to a lot of people without faces. Bob R. got involved. Mick opened himself up in a way I would never have believed. Chaz came along, Steve E., Phil, and it just kept growing. Once we got past the restriction of just Prodigy people it grew in a hurry. Pick it up Ern.

 The early day, LL, you asked for it by Dave  at 9/5/2004 7:05:50 PM
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