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Author:  Ernie
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Date:  9/5/2004 11:42:45 AM
Subject:  Early Days, Ol' Blue
Message:  When the bugs were being worked out in a real early version of the board,I discovered that you could edit other peoples posts. Now I had learned early on that Dave's Posts didn't always say what he'd intended. So I fixed a few of them for him.
He came back and asked what was going on in another post. It was a real period of confusion and speculation. After about 3 days I called Mick and told him about the "bug". I'm pretty sure this Spring in a remote canyon in New Zealand I heard one of the "final echoes" from his rather surprised "WHAT???". He got that one fixed real quick, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

 Early Days, Ol' Blue by Ernie at 9/5/2004 11:42:45 AM
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