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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  9/5/2004 6:35:22 AM
Subject:  Re: Evacuated!
Message:  Glad she got out Lib. Having gone through several of these suckers myself there's no need to play hero. When hurricane Carla hit I was in the eighth grade in Freeport Texas. We had three feet of water in our house. My dad went back before we did and he had to have a boat to get there. The first few nights I was back I slept looking at the stars through my roof. Had a few snakes in te house too. We stayed home and rode out one of the smaller hurricanes and the eye of the storm came dirrectly over us. Really weird how it can storm one minute and the next be sunny and calm the next. Then you can see the back side of the "donut" coming and it's even worse. We never stayed through another one again.

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