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Author:  Dusty
E-mail:  dusty-rose@usa.net
Date:  8/18/2004 8:43:52 PM
Subject:  Susan
Message:  Susan

I only had the privilege to meet your husband a couple times here at The Birchmere in Wash. D.C.
and shared a couple stories with him on The Porch.
But I wanted you to know what a lucky man he was too have had you.
The support and love you obviously gave to the dreamer was such a blessing.
I finished the book and heard the interviews and was so moved by that one thought that without you none of the important part of his journey would have been possible.
I know he must have thanked you many times but one more time from a stranger can't hurt.
We all got so much from his journey. Thank you.
Much Love

 Susan by Dusty  at 8/18/2004 8:43:52 PM