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Author:  Mary Anne
E-mail:  not available
Date:  8/11/2004 6:53:42 PM
Subject:  Re: One of our own...
Message:  Don is doing wonderful, Larry. He has to go every 10 weeks to have an MRI and a C-T Scan done and so far he is clean as a whistle...no cancer anywhere. Quite remarkable since last December 19th we were told he was in a life-threatening situation and wouldn't last much longer....Thank God God is in control and not the physicians...Don said to tell you that he appreciates your kind words, but when we finally get down to see Mamie, "you ain't getting no bread pudding with lemon sauce!" I told him that you were bigger than him and he said, "I know, but I can run like Hades." Ha.Ha. Ha.

Never Enough Thyme,
Mary Anne

PS From Don...Mamie I am looking forward to the bread pudding with lemon sauce and most of all, a big sloppy kiss that you've been promising me! Take that Larry!!!

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