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Author:  Mary Anne
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Date:  8/10/2004 2:38:20 PM
Subject:  Re: One of our own...
Message:  You all sure know how to make a lady cry! Yes, it has been difficult these past few months. A few days before The Gathering in Austin (which Don and I thought we would surprise everyone and come to) our daughter found my sweet 89 year-old Daddy close to death. She called me (I live 100 miles away) and told me that she was rushing my Daddy to the hospital. To make a long story short, he had a gall bladder that burst and needed immediate surgery. He was in ICU for over 3 and needed constant family attention, as well as the Doctors. After several more days in the hospital, he was released to a nursing home. He cries all the time. Can not walk, feed himself, or anything else like I did before the surgery. We have to sell their home. Buy Mom a home and move her into it so that Daddy might come home. Hard yes. But, through it all, I have seen God's infinite blessings and tender mercies each and every step of the way. He said, He would never forsake us or leave us and that is so true. I don't mean to preach a sermon and I won't, But, I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers. They are needed. I feel your love and support. God Bless You, All-Ways!
Never Enough Thyme,
Mary Anne

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