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Author:  Judy W
E-mail:  bellavim714@aol.com
Date:  8/9/2004 7:13:20 AM
Subject:  Re: My friend 'n Mick's, Jim Couch
Message:  For you Randy, Jim's family and all of those who knew and loved him....

I wanted to write a poem just for him
I wanted the words to flow just right
Only I sit here erasing
Every word that I'm writing.

I see an eagle flying towards heaven
I see the beauty all around me
And I can not help but wonder
Why he had to leave so soon.

May the Lord grant you the peace you will need
To ride the river life's handed you
The courage to keep on going
Knowing that he is waiting.

When you find the tears are starting to fall
When you feel yourself begin to break
Remember he's not really gone
He is waiting 'there' for you.

Loving you,
Judy C.

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