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Author:  jimM
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/25/2004 9:39:21 AM
Subject:  Unexpected Visitors
Message:  Earlier today Joe Ziemer phoned and said the he and Roxann were in Southern Indiana on a busman's holiday. They had spent the night in Corydon, Indiana at a B&B and were on their way to Joe Hubler's Orchards and Winery. I told them they were a very short distance from my house in Greenville. About half an hour later they were in my driveway. It was really wonderful to see them. I hope they enjoyed their visit to my part of the state. Unexpected visits from friends is really a treat. Now, my son,Kyle, are off to Cleves,Ohio to pick up his Jeep. All in all, it's been a truly great day.

 Unexpected Visitors by jimM at 7/25/2004 9:39:21 AM
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