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Author:  Brent Scantlin
E-mail:  xoskeleton@mac.com
Date:  8/7/2020 9:46:31 AM
Subject:  Re: Mickey's 1910 Martin
Message:  Lee or (BIG Brother) guitar I have. there were two guitars. One was the martin and one was a Gibson. My uncle played the Gibson. He stated Mickey gave it to him on this web site. Just wondering if anyone might have known about this or this guitar. just wondering about it and trying to trace its history. It would be abnormal for lee to carve someones name in the end of a guitar especially in a crude way as he was talented in so many ways. His carving skills were pretty great.

 Mickey's 1910 Martin by Brent Scantlin  at 7/4/2020 1:28:02 PM
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 Re: Mickey's 1910 Martin by Brent Scantlin  at 8/7/2020 9:46:31 AM