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Author:  Tom Gervat
E-mail:  songster-sdg@juno.com
Date:  12/31/2019 9:05:22 PM
Subject:  Another Year Nearer
Message:  Another Year Nearer

Why don't you sing for us buddy,
Just one more song for the road
Your voice made our burdens seem lighter
Your broken heart lightened our load

Why don't you smile for us buddy
Your smile would make everything right
But why should we mourn, when for you day has dawned,
And you're home with the angels of light..

Home on the highways of glory,
Home on the backroads of time,
Bumming a ride on the beautiful tide
That rolls past your sorrow sublime

Home at the last with your Savior
Brimming love like you never have known
Who was there all along right on through every song
When you thought you were singing alone


 Another Year Nearer by Tom Gervat  at 12/31/2019 9:05:22 PM