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Author:  Sallie
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Date:  4/28/2019 1:01:19 PM
Subject:  Re: lurking
Message:  Hi Karen and Bill!

Aren't we all so glad WE CAME TO HEAR THE MUSIC! I was thinking this morning about how much Mickey made Elton and me laugh at a show at the Bluebird in Nashville years ago. He was scolding Jack Williams for the way he tuned his guitar and giving him Mickey grimaces.

It all started the day I had heard Chuck Adair on Nashville's "Cream of Country" praising Mickey and playing "Poison Red Berries" for the first time. I told Elton, "You've gotta hear this singer!" We were totally hooked.

And then there was the time at the Bluebird when Mickey was so tired from a trip to Poland, that he was literally wobbly on stage. We applauded him into putting on a second show. Somewhere along the way, John Prine walked in and did a set. Elton and I got home at 4:00 a.m. and I taught my H.S. science classes later that morning! My students were so proud I was as crazy as they were.

Remember the Good!


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