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Author:  Egbert
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Date:  4/26/2019 10:42:17 AM
Subject:  Re: lurking
Message:  Hi Sally! Great to hear from you thru Mickeys medium. Safe travels and happy landing on Amsterdam Schiphol! Enjoy your trip to Israel. Hope all is well with you. Often I think of the kindness and friendship you and Elton showed towards me. It humbles me still. In my shows, I keep on sharing stories about Mickey and of my experiences at Mickeys Gatherings. All those wonderful people, all these wonderful nights... This Porch gave me so many beautiful friendships and extended my family. I cherish that, because I know these days friendship across borders is not obvious. When that makes me blue sometimes, I yodel. :-) Stay safe, stay warm and as Roy used to say Love & Light to you and your dear ones.

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