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Author:  aussiedave
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Date:  12/4/2018 10:27:06 PM
Subject:  wedding anniversary
Message:  hello from downunder.
My lovely wife and I just celebrated 42 years of marriage on the 4th. We had a wonderful meal at an Italian restaurant not far from our present home.
We were married back in 1976 and it seems just like yesterday that she said "I do"
I love her even more today than I did when we first married.
When ever I hear Mickey singing "Song for Susan" I think of our love for one another.
Like all marriages we have had our ups and downs but our love for each other, though fragile at times, has endured.
We have been faithful to one another for 42 years and our love and faith shall always be the strength that keeps us together.

love to all on the front porch

 wedding anniversary by aussiedave at 12/4/2018 10:27:06 PM
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