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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/6/2004 12:18:39 PM
Subject:  Re: American Treasure
Message:  The recording of this years Gathering is being mixed and edited by Jonmark Stone. It was recorded in the ADAT digital eight track format and also direct to CD from the mixing board in stereo. The quality of the recordings is amaizing. At this point my best guess it that it will be available in either a two or three CD set
and can be purchased from the CD store at that time. Just keep watching for a release date a few months down the road.

Last years 2003 Gathering was also recorded direct to CD in a stereo format. Some of the master cd's were lost and work is underway to provide a finished product with at least one or two songs from everyone who performed. The quality of these recordings is above average and I believe everything can be placed on a two cd set. I'll let everyone know when it is finished.

Some of the "live" recordings that were used on the "American Treasure" audio bio of Mickey in concert could be made available in the future.

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