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Author:  Susie
E-mail:  susan@mickeynewbury.com
Date:  9/2/2017 10:32:47 AM
Subject:  Jerry and Brenda update
Message:  Jerry and Brenda, after having to evacuate from three locations, are with friends in Willis. They got back to look at the house today. It's pretty bad. Just for reference, the water was up to the kitchen sink in Mamie's house. That's got to be between 17 and 20 feet of water. the pool table and sheds floated away to the other side of the river. All of Brenda's clothes are gone, the sheet rock is falling off the ceilings, the floors are buckled, and that's just what they can see. they lost both cars. Prayers for them. This 'rebuilding' thing is going to be a long process.

 Jerry and Brenda update by Susie  at 9/2/2017 10:32:47 AM
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