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Author:  San Diego
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Date:  2/14/2017 8:58:34 AM
Subject:  Valentine's Day
-Fifteen years ago this week... Laura's at the kitchen table eating French Toast for breakfast. Susie and I are talking about the strawberry fields down the road. Out for Valentines Day dipped in dark and white chocolate. Mick's in the living room drinking coffee and watching CNN. It's a warm sunny day and Jonathan, Laura, and Susie take off for Wild Animal Park. A Safari adventure. Mick picks up my guitar and starts tuning it. Eyes closed he sings for an audience of one. When he finishes he opens his eyes and in a minute or so time floats back into the room. He signs the front and turns the guitar over and writes some lines on the back with a pen that leaks gold ink on his fingers. Gold fingerprints. Susie comes home with sweet strawberries. Later in the week some old friends of Mick's come by one evening. We sit on sofas and the arms of chairs and the floor while Mick holds us in thrall with true stories, tall tales and bits and pieces of songs. Cameron was six and remembers sitting on the floor by Mick's feet, "I thought he was a wizard or...somethin' like that..." Somethin' like that, hahaha. For our last supper we ate grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's Tomato soup at Mick's request. "Newbury gourmet," he said. Sweet memories. Love to the great northwest and Newbury Land.     

 Valentine's Day by San Diego at 2/14/2017 8:58:34 AM
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