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Author:  Marty
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Date:  2/9/2017 5:28:12 AM
Subject:  Re: Passing of a Porcher..
Message:  You are so right about Jeff, Joe. He also had a great sense of humor. As most of your know, he ran Oregon Public Broadcasting for a long time (an astonishingly challenging job, by the way) and did it well. After hearing him say OPB many times over the years, it occurred to me to send him a photo of Opie and Bea (from the Andy Griffith Show) with the OPB logo superimposed over it, and we had a good laugh. He was anything but the big-headed media person we too often experience. He loved Mickey and Mickey's music for all the right reasons, and it is a shame he was unable to complete a video telling of Mickey's story, which he had intended to do. Those of us who had the pleasure to know him know he was one of the authentic Mickey fans. As Joe and Jonmark have said here, he will, indeed be missed. Go Easy, Jeff . . .

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