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Author:  erik "the Dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/20/2016 3:54:58 AM
Subject:  Pictures Gathering 2016
Message:  Hi all!

Place some EXTRA pictures on Facebook, Mickey Newbury Gathering side, YESTERDAY!

Have, and is much busy in this time!
ALSO some trouble with NEW pc - plus installing new programs and more.
ALSO more LAZY - like to dream the days away!

Have reach 65 early September 2016, and could normal retire, already even as I back then was reach 60.

BUT still works 15 hours now weekly, and got nice `retire money` (state pension), at same time.

Been two times with dear Jimmy Webb and Laura in London.
Last time was here 11th September, concert in Chelsea, London, Cagodan Hall, with Jimmy Webb.
There at the concert was Bill Wyman, ex. Rolling Stones, Bob Geldof and more, plus 8-900 extra.
Cadogan Hall in Chelsea is home of the world famous classical The Royal Philharmonic Orch.
And YES, as the music legend Jimmy is, I have a dvd here with me, where he conduct this top orch. live in concert 1977.
J.W. I guess wrote all the music notes used!
Glen Campbell was the singer at this concert.

I had to stand up, and receive the people's tribute because J.W. derided me on the front row, and I had to stand up to receive `the people's homage.
Was short reception afterwards.

Last year at samme place in London, after a J.W. concert, was I at reception, with Robert Plant, ex. Led Zeppelin, and Sir Tim Rice and more.

Here in Spring, when was with Laura and Jimmy, I was to reception, `private firm concert` in London - with many music people - only one from outside the music industry, together with famous Elaine Paige and more.
Was then just flying in, one night stay and home day after.

And YES! `I fully aware that the trees, NOT always grown the whole way into Heaven!`.

LUCKY to been to all Mickey Newbury GATHERINGS 2004-2016.



 Pictures Gathering 2016 by erik "the Dane" at 9/20/2016 3:54:58 AM