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Author:  Egbert
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Date:  9/20/2016 12:22:23 AM
Subject:  Re: Poor little porch
Message:  The Front Porch Song

So here I am again
Come to another crossroad
My heart softly aching
My face tucked in my coat
Gonna take off in an airplane
Buy a ticket to a mystery
I know I’m gonna find
Some friends to set me free

So if you stand by me
Be sure I’ll stand by you
We’ll join our nights together
When the neon lights turn blue
I’m gonna put all my worries
In a brown paper sack
And bury my sad feelings
Let the blues have them back, say

No longer I’ll be hiding
No more shall I dwell
In a house of untold stories
Not knowing which to tell
Now I am on my way
And I’ll say what I must say
Dear hearts and gentle people
Love has named the day

So here I am beside you
Rockin’ in the front porch light
Tasting Mamie’s sweet lemonade
‘neath the Texas moon so bright
All these sweet memories
And good-hearted love
Come down from a dear old friend
Watching from above     

Egbert Meyers Promuze © 2004

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