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Author:  ~*~
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Date:  6/4/2016 6:14:07 PM
Subject:  Re: Blue Board
Message:  Once a long dreary while ago the world was all blue and gold. In the still of the night... they came...stealing the blue and the gold, leaving only the coldest of grey. I was that way for a very very long time; grey, so long the "Porchers" lost their memory of the wonderful porch. All but one...the WEBMASTER...who quietly went about to recover the light. He worked both night and day crunching the numbers in his solitary room while outside his window his friends all ran up and down the beach playing in the blue...you see...it was not their...or...even his blue that had disappeared...no...only the blue from the Porch. So why did he care...why did it matter to him? The "Porchers" seemed content to stare into their grey dull windows...day after day after day. No one cared...they had not seen blue and gold for so long they lost their appreciation for its beauty. All but One. ~*~

13 Sep 2000

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