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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  6/10/2004 3:33:55 PM
Subject:  Much funny or SAD - Mickey Newbury lp issue 1988
Message:  I was sleeping a little!

Some time ago I buy a still sealed Canada lp press with Mickey Newbury.

Some four years ago I got info about some "trouble" with the

Mickey Newbury lp "In a new age" issue out in CANADA 1988.

Same label Airborne as US, but not same record number.
Cover is same as US include picture of M.N. and Marie Rhines back cover.

The Canada issue is added new sound, funny organ sound?
I just open the sealed lp and listning now as I write this letter/e-mail.

The voice of M.N. must be the same as US press and maybe also M.N.`s guitar play.
Same running time mention.

NO Marie Rhines on violin.
NO Edgar Meyer on bass???
Lp maybe added more "rain" and "thunder".
Background vocal/"sound" on US issue is also gone.

No other producer mention for this Canada issue as far I can see.

What was happend, who to blame or what????


erik "the dane"

 Much funny or SAD - Mickey Newbury lp issue 1988 by erik "the dane" at 6/10/2004 3:33:55 PM
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