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Author:  aussiedave
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Date:  5/8/2016 11:27:54 PM
Subject:  TO WHOM IT
Message:  MAY CONCERN.............
Mickey would have been 76 years old this year.
All my life, He was always 12 years older than me.
For instance, in 1965, a time he sang, that he would have liked to have gone back to.....I was only 13....[and at this age, of course, had never hear of him].
Strange how TIME has a way of changing all things. and..
"Truth has a way of changing all the time....."

Seeing that I am now 64 years old, it feels rather strange to me, that I am 2 years older than when he passed over to be with his Lord.
What does this mean to you?.. you may be thinking.
Well, nothing, you might say.
But then again.....you are not me.

PoE........I love you still...

 TO WHOM IT by aussiedave at 5/8/2016 11:27:54 PM
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