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Author:  BarbraG
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Date:  5/4/2016 11:41:28 AM
Subject:  A check Mickey wrote to Bob Tubert never cashed!
Message:  Some of you may have known Bob Tubert .. He passed away a few weeks ago.. and his ex-wife, Demetriss Tapp, is helping to go through his things .. She remembers when Mickey was living out of his car, and ate dinner at hers and Bob's home back in the day..He did magic tricks for her son, Devin... SHE is on Facebook....

She found a check that Mickey had sent to Bob about the time that American Trilogy was released, she thinks ... and Bob laughed and said he wasn't going to cash it ...

It was for $10.00 ...

Just thought someone might like to know that...

Barbra G

I will post a picture of it on the Back Porch if I can...

 A check Mickey wrote to Bob Tubert never cashed! by BarbraG at 5/4/2016 11:41:28 AM