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Author:  Brian
E-mail:  bjhighley56@btinternet.com
Date:  4/20/2016 6:20:43 AM
Subject:  Apples Dipped In Candy
Message:  '... Apples dipped in candy
Sweet potato wine
One is for your belly
The other's for your mind...'

I think this may be one of the greatest pieces of Americana ever written. The Chet Atkins guitar part on the version on the Lovers album is astonishing. Might this be Mickey's take on the stories of Huckelberry Finn: or another of his considerations of the confusing dignity and cruelty of age; or another of his considerations of the perils of the bottle.

Like so many of Mickey's songs it's all these things and more.

'...once a man
twice a child...'

 Apples Dipped In Candy by Brian  at 4/20/2016 6:20:43 AM
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