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Author:  horizonfound
E-mail:  kendallmiller@sbcglobal.net
Date:  3/8/2016 6:02:43 PM
Subject:  Re: Joe Zeimer's help?
Message:  I'd like to add that there is a "new" video performance available on YouTube that has never been mentioned before on this site. "Stars and Stripes. 1972." Micky is introduced at the 2:10 mark. He performs "An American Trilogy" (at the 43:30 mark)with Greek Chorus narration by Johnny Carson's side-kick Ed MacMahon (...it's a bit strange...;)and, a bit later Micky finishes the final line of the Patriotic standard "This Is My Country" (at the 48:44 mark). This performance of Trilogy was a great help to me in the process of completing perfect tablature for the "Montezuma Hall" performance of Trilogy...it was the missing piece of that puzzle. Let me know what you think of the new video!

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