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Author:  Joe Z
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/6/2016 4:17:22 PM
Subject:  Re: Joe Zeimer's help?
Hi Kendall,

I am familiar with the Acuff-Rose songbook, published in London circa 1971 and titled, "This Is Mickey Newbury." This was Mick's only commercial songbook. Please note the "disassociated" Acuff-Rose songbook actually refers to a different publication.

From C&S, 2nd Ed:
Capturing the art on paper is problematic. In 1970, Acuff-Rose (A-R) printed the first Newbury songbook - a valuable find for collectors - promoting 64 songs with a limited distribution to singers and songwriters. Transcribed in the basement of the old A-R building by an elderly woman, the accuracy of chords and words is only close.

Jeff Stave explains, “As I have been interpreting Mick's music from an early songbook, I noticed some of the odd and difficult key signatures for the songs that he sent up to A-R. Typically, he would write a song, capo it up to where it best fit his voice, put it on tape and send it in. The piano transcribers would not be attuned to this and would put it down in whatever key they heard, E flat, E, F, whatever. Then they would use generic chord symbols on the score that could never be associated with Mick's sound.”

Susan Newbury confirmed the point in 2005, stating, “There have been two editions of an Acuff-Rose songbook floating around for the past thirty years. The arrangements were done by an elderly piano teacher A-R hired to do the job when a printed version of sheet music was required to legally copyright a song. Mickey was always frustrated by what they came up with, because it never sounded like what he had written… He played chords differently from the rest of us, and his music theory was light years ahead of everyone else. He never challenged it, because he knew Wesley Rose needed it for the copyright, and he didn’t think ‘anyone in their right mind would try and play his songs on a piano.’”   

One of Mickey’s dreams was to release a “Mickey Newbury Music Book” bound tastefully in dark leather, containing songs he had recorded. Perhaps one day it will become available.

Added note: Mick spoke to me a few times about his songbook dream. As it has now been more than a decade since he moved on, we would all love to see his dream become reality.     

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