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Author:  horizonfound
E-mail:  kendallmiller@sbcglobal.net
Date:  3/6/2016 1:26:01 PM
Subject:  Re: Joe Zeimer's help?
Message:  A few years back, I began to transcribe some difficult guitar pieces for my son. In the years before tab books and guitar magazines, you had to develop this skill if you wanted to learn how to play songs like the recording artists. The tablature I produce is based upon the recordings and, when available, video to help supplement and verify the work for accuracy and authenticity. In the middle of this, my folks happened upon a box of my tablature that I produced of Kenny Rankin (who I knew quite well…) back in the mid-70s. I thought I’d lost that material when I moved to Northern California to attend University…I was thrilled to have it back because my notes were based upon my informal lessons with Kenny and they were extremely accurate. In this same box, I had chords (but no tablature) to a few Mickey Newbury songs that I had put together during that same period. So, as soon as I finished the tablature for my son, I decided to tackle other difficult songs. I used the VLC video player for both audio and visual capture and began doing very accurate tablature of some of my favorite songs that I’ve enjoyed over the years. I experimented with different formats. For some artists, both hands had to be transcribed because their playing styles were so idiosyncratic that the fretted notes themselves, quite literally, only told half the story. I’d searched for Mickey videos but there just didn’t seem to be enough quality visuals of his right hand work from those early years… He clearly had developed an odd approach to fingerstyle. Well, in the past few years I began archiving all the video I could find to see if I could divine enough information,from the limited video, to transcribe Mickey’s guitar playing techniques; but, I was still in a holding pattern…And then, everything changed….I ran across a video entitled “Mick’s Place”…it quite simply broke my heart. That was it…I had to dedicate my talents to contributing something substantial, as you have done, to help preserve Micky’s memory. I’ve been transcribing for months now…it’s very labor intensive and slow-going and involves enormous patience and concentration…. The results speak for themselves; however, I ended up overdoing it becoming quite ill just before I completed the work (I’m just now recovering…and I have minor formatting and revision ahead!). Here’s what I have produced: Tablature for the BBC video and the Montezuma Hall performances of “An American Trilogy.” (for the Hall version, I was able to complete it when I came across the video for the 4th of July performance from 1972….it was THE missing piece of that particular puzzle). Each of these transcriptions run ten pages. Finally, I just completed a 16 page tablature for the Montezuma Hall live performance of “Heaven Help the Child.” ….it’s all there, both hands transcribed for every note, chord and strum….. I’m more impressed than ever with his guitar techniques….and it’s so much fun to play. When I set out to explore the possibility of transcribing Mickey, I wasn’t sure I had enough information to pull it off successfully. Thanks to the kind people here, who contributed video to YouTube, it became a reality. My thanks to everyone...

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