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Author:  horizonfound
E-mail:  kendallmiller@sbcglobal.net
Date:  3/6/2016 1:10:46 PM
Subject:  Re: Joe Zeimer's help?
Message:  Thank you for your very gracious remarks. I’m very honored to have been quoted in your Mickey Newbury biography…
I have two copies of what you describe as the “disassociated Newbury Songbook” entitled “This is Mickey Newbury.” These are slightly different from one another and were printed in the U.K.. One of the editions has the song titles printed on the back cover against a yellow field (the front has two yellow bars as well missing from the other edition)…the “yellow” edition lists the London Office of Acuff-Rose as 50 Bond Street London (while the other lists their offices at 14 St George Street, London). The only other difference between the two editions is the size and font style of the publishing credits on the title page of each song. Apart from this, the editions are identical…. Needless to say, the chords and keys of the songs are not as recorded….(which is true of most of the commercial songbooks of the period…). As for the 30 minute PBS show, “Mickey Newbury: One Of A Kind,” the songs performed were “Heaven Help The Child”, “An American Trilogy”, “I Came To Hear The Music”, “Cortelia Clark”,”San Francisco Mabel Joy”, “How Many Times Must The Piper Be Paid?”. It aired on KCET Ch. 28 on Monday, July 16th, 1973 (9:30pm) and was repeated on Saturday, July 21st, 1973 (8:30pm). I have a microfilm article that provided the song titles and I have a PDF that I found that listed the repeat airing. Email me if you’d like copies…Joe, if you’d like to see a sample page from my guitar transcriptions, please email me at my email address above…I’d like to donate the finished product to the family so they can enjoy it and, if they so wish, make it available to those who have voiced an interest in learning exactly how Mickey played the guitar for these two performances of “An American Trilogy” and “Heaven Help the Child” (….if you can believe it, this represents 36 pages of detailed tablature). The story behind this project follows….

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