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Author:  Joe Z
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/6/2016 7:59:48 AM
Subject:  Re: Joe Zeimer's help?
Hi Kendall,

Great to hear from you after all these years. Hope you are well.

Your wonderful commentary about Mickey's special PBS program appear in my book, "Mickey Newbury - Crystal & Stone, 2nd Ed." During my research about two years ago, I telephoned KCET and PBS but was unable to track down a copy of Mick's show. I would love to find a tape of the concert!

From C&S, 2nd Ed:     

Though Acuff-Rose did a dismal job of promoting Mickey’s music through the disassociated Newbury songbook, Elektra aggressively promoted “Heaven Help The Child” as they would advertise a release from The Doors or The Eagles. Large color posters measuring 20” X 26” were shipped to record stores and used as give-aways. Postcards with the album cover shot were mailed. Tabloid-size 11"x14" full-page ads were run in Billboard and Rolling Stone. The Rolling Stone ad appeared in the March 15, 1973 issue under a Latin header, “Poeta Nascitur Non Fit,” meaning, “Poets are born, not made.”

Additionally, Elektra launched a major promotional drive, sending Mickey all over the country for interviews and performances. The tour began with the sold-out concert at Montezuma Hall, broadcast simultaneously by FM radio station KGB in San Diego. Mick followed up Montezuma with a benefit appearance in San Francisco and a press conference in Los Angeles.

While in the L.A. area, Mickey appeared on a PBS TV special in Burbank. Titled “One of A Kind,” the weekly series was directed by Alan Muir of KCET, Channel 28, who would spotlight a single artist. Film historian and avid guitarist, Kendall Miller, caught the show and reviewed it. “This solo concert performance of Mickey Newbury… my introduction to his music… no banter al all, just his thoughtful performance with a stained glass backdrop. Among the songs, San Francisco Mabel Joy, American Trilogy, Heaven Help The Child, Cortelia Clark and others… Heaven Help The Child was my favorite. Absolutely spine-chilling performances and superior to the LP with its production values.”

“This was a serious program with a solemnity and soulful feel of a heartfelt church service. His eyes were closed most of the time and he seemed to transmute himself to some distant internal place that allowed him to BE these songs. I’m sure anyone who saw this broadcast would agree that Mickey never sounded better.” A tape of the program may exist somewhere because it was rebroadcast shortly after the original showing.    

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