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Author:  Ginny G.
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Date:  5/14/2004 7:37:52 AM
Subject:  Update from Mary Anne Potter on behalf of Mamie
Message:  Dearest Family and Friends,

Well, the last time I wrote to you it was in late January and we had just returned from Omaha, Nebraska. Don and I had gone there to see if he was a candidate for a stem cell transplant. He wasn't. The reason was because the cancer was gone from his bone marrow and lymph nodes. So, in seven months, Don had gone from being Stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma with it also present in his bone marrow to no apparent sign of cancer.

We were told in January by Dr. Ogundipe, Don's oncologist here in Ponca City, that there was an area in his abdomen that needed watching. An "irregularity" had shown up on his Pet and C-T scans and he would need additional tests in April. It could be scar tissue from the chemotherapy or it could be cancer.   Don had the tests in late April and again they showed up. So, Dr. Ogundipe decided it was time to go in surgically to see if it was scar tissue or cancer. He had surgery last Friday. We just got the results back and......

It's Scar Tissue.Not Cancer!!!   

So, again, we would like to thank you for walking with us on this journey with us. It has been a long journey and it is not over yet. We still have a long ways to go. Don will have to have tests every 3-4 months for a long time. The cancer could re-occur at any time according to Dr. Ogundipe. But, at this time, there is no apparent cancer in his body according to all the tests he has taken.

So, our "Miracle Man" is recuperating from having major surgery. He is in some pain, but he is getting stronger and feeling better as each day passes. He will not be able to do much around the house for six weeks or so, but that's ok with me. Come summer....watch out. I have a list started!!!

We have really felt all of your prayers, your kind thoughts, your positive energy each and every day. We continue to be amazed at how good people we know and don't know have been to us. People near and far continue to call, write, email us asking about Don and wondering how he is doing. Those of you who emailed me or wrote me this week asking about Don, please forgive me for not answering sooner. I wanted to be able to tell you the latest and most up-to-date news....whatever it was.

Don says he is returning to work on Monday and knowing him, he will. He only missed one week of work the entire time he was taking the most aggressive form of chemotherapy. We do believe that it was because of God's mercy, your prayers, and Don's optimism in spite of being told numerous times that he was in a "life-threatening situation.

The staff at Don's office has been absolutely incredible throughout all of this. Without them, Don could not have done as well as he has. We owe Rosa, Mary, and Margareta a big Oklahoma thank-you for all they did to help Don out when he was going through chemotherapy!!! We will never forget all they did for him and for me.

Also, we will never forget all the times that the men in our Sunday School class and others came over to mow our yard, trim the lawn, do odd chores for Don. We will never forget all the meals brought on the week-ends Don had chemo. This kindness allowed me to fully concentrate on Don. We will never forget all the times my friends would call up and ask if they could run errands for me, go grocery shopping, rake and bag leaves, and more. We could not have made it without you. One family even gave us over 70 pounds of delicious frozen beef to help us out. Someone came over, found my "hidden" key and brought an entire meal and put it on the table for us. I never knew who did it, so I couldn't write a thank-you. We will never forget all the times Don's family came up on a week-night after work to see about Don and to take us out to dinner. All of these acts of kindness and more will always be remembered by us.     

I'll send an update in a few months because I know so many of you are wondering how we and especially Don is doing. Or, if the situation changes before then, then I will let you know.

Until then, tell everyone you know that "Miracles do happen. And you know one person who had a miracle this past year."

God Bless You,
Mary Anne   

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