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Author:  aussiedave
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/2/2016 9:00:11 PM
Subject:  Re: Brian's Cancer - Update 6
Message:  got ya in my prayers, Brian.
I met a man this morning on the street, just before I started mowing. I have seen him many times in the past, and we usually just say 'good morning' or 'g'day, how are you?
As he walked past he said, 'good morning, my Doctor just informed me, that I have cancer all through my body, and I have just days to live'

...what do you say?
I said words to the effect, to enjoy every day, as much as possible.
The poor wretch. I count my blessings, because that man could have been me.
...count your blessings Brian, and may God be with you.

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