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Author:  aussiedave
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Date:  2/22/2016 9:58:27 PM
Subject:  lest we forget
Message:  To Whom It May Concern.....
I would like to express my appreciation to those
who continue to keep this website going, in memory of MICKEY NEWBURY and his lasting legacy of his wonderful music.
There have been many superlatives expressed by many people, over many years, about this man and
his song-writing talents.
I am not one of them.
I am simply one man, who heard his 'soul' as he sang with all his heart....... at one particular given time in history.
And maybe that is the..... [connection]
A particular time in one's life, a fleeting moment, a connection...that has ended up lasting a lifetime.
Words spoken, words "sung"......can have an emotional impact on one's life, that can never be forgotten.
So I say, thankyou to Mickey, and thankyou to all those who keep this website going, after all these years.

love to all you 'dear hearts'

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