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Author:  Brian
E-mail:  bjhighley56@btinternet.com
Date:  12/1/2015 3:52:16 PM
Subject:  Brian's Cancer - Update 5
Message:  I haven't written about my cancer treatment for a while: the process for the last five months has been very repetitive. I had IV chemotherapy every Monday from April to October (my surgery was in March). I've had no treatment during the last month: this past week is the first in nine months (since the diagnosis in December 2014) during which I've spent no time in hospital - hurrah!!!

I've been fortunate in experiencing few side effects: I was occasionally very very tired and I continued to have bad mouth ulcers.

I am now trying to return to work and have my first job interview on Thursday.

If any of the porchers ever wish to contact me to discuss cancer and its treatment I am happy to give details of my experience if it might be of help.

'...my moments of insanity
are never like a chain
I only know I am not free
the nights when I am sane...'

 Brian's Cancer - Update 5 by Brian  at 12/1/2015 3:52:16 PM
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