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Author:  erik christensen
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Date:  5/10/2004 4:32:14 PM
Subject:  erik "the dane" are coming to the Gathering
Message:  Mamie here I come!

I dream many year ago to drive around VIDA on one of my holidays in California, Arizona, Nevada, to say hello!

That`s never happend!

My many postcard hopefully arrival safe, and now I soon leave the Kingdom of Denmark and my wise Queen Margrethe the Second - the head of the world`s oldest Kingdom and oldest flag.

Denmark are also homeland of fairytale writer HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN.
And most American also known VICTOR BORGE.

Now here the 14th May 2004 will there be a BIG royal wedding here in Copenhagen - around 30 miles from from my hometown Hilleroed (Hillerød) between the danish Crownprins Frederik and a beautiful lady named Mary from Australia.
Someone have told me, that last time a danish Crownprins was married was for over 250 years ago.
The last royal wedding, Frederik`s brother, was taking place in my hometown Hilleroed some 10 years ago in world famous castle Frederiksborg Castle - (castle shown in new US cinema film).

Even Denmark are a "SMALL" country - Texas are 16 times bigger than DENMARK, we survival.
Just over 5. mill. people are living here.
We still "rule" over Greenland - maybe they don`t agree - but the like the money we send.

I coming 23th June - so I can relax one day before the GATHERING.

But 25 years of collecting, listning to M.N. singing, "have make my day brighter".
My M.N. record collection is mostly his solo recordings.

I hope to bring over some nice items for the "SILENT AUCTION"!

See you soon!

erik "the dane"

 erik "the dane" are coming to the Gathering by erik christensen at 5/10/2004 4:32:14 PM
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