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Author:  Brian
E-mail:  bjhigbhley56@btinternet.com
Date:  10/29/2015 4:10:51 PM
Subject:  American Trilogy - 'New' Elvis version
Message:  Priscilla Presley was on British TV this evening talking about a new record of Elvis vocals mixed/produced with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. One of the tracks on the album will be American Trilogy.
Priscilla said that she bought a copy of the song when she heard it on the radio and took it to Elvis: he apparently loved it and the rest is history. I assume it was Mickey's own version of the song she heard and bought: I wonder if anyone can confirm if that was the case?

 American Trilogy - 'New' Elvis version by Brian  at 10/29/2015 4:10:51 PM
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