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Author:  aussiedave
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Date:  10/24/2015 7:44:23 PM
Subject:  Re: motorcycle
Message:  Perish the thought.
Thinking about purchasing a helmet with headphones so I can listen to my cd's as I ride.
That way I can take Mickey with me, wherever I go.
"Gone to Alabama".......oh di lo de lea....
ships are in the harbor sittin' on the sunset
sittin' on the sunset like a water color picture
life was mighty good in the year of '47
it was just like heaven in the year of '48........

ain't it funny....how we say in times of leaving
say in times of leavin'...we will..be comin' back
..............one day.

.....find in my time of grievin'....
what was really leavin' was not me.....
but Mobile Bay

 motorcycle by aussiedave at 10/16/2015 11:24:46 PM
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