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Author:  Ginny G.
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Date:  7/28/2015 4:32:07 PM
Subject:  Periscope...
Message:  I've only know about Periscope for two and a half months, since Neil Diamind started using it. It's an app related to Twitter somehow that provides the technology to share live events by streaming on the Internet. You can watch through the app and if you are one of the earlier people to join a broadcast, you can post comments and chat about what you are watching. I have been watching live Neil Diamond concerts through my computer. Video is so so, audio is great on Neil's concerts. Neil's wife is standing behind much of the audience fiming it, for lack of a better word. The broadcasts can be watched for 24 hours after the event. Then they disappear.

Aside from my fellow aging groupies, there are loads of young people tuning in, asking who is singing and for the most part, being blown away by the concerts. A lot of them are so happy to be watching, asking where they might see Neil live, and expressing amazement that someone that old can do such a great concert. :). I think it's opening up a whole new bunch of fans to his music.

Bill, that video of "Holly, Holy" that I tagged you on was video I took of Periscope with my cell phone of Neil singing in London on Sunday.

It's used for lots of things besides concerts.

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