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Author:  Bruce Davis
E-mail:  bwdsongs@gmail.com
Date:  7/16/2015 8:20:22 PM
Subject:  Sweet Memories
Message:  Hi Susie. We met at the first Bread & Roses Festival and I visited you and Mickey in Oregon with my young niece. Mickey was generous to me with the time I spent in Nashville "trying to make it".

My son just graduated college and his life would not be what it is today had I stayed in Nashville and not sought out my other dreams in California.

Mickey and you were influential on me seeking a truer meaning to my life than seeking fame in Nashville. I am forever grateful for knowing both of you and for Mickey's peer treatment of me, when I was just beginning my career.

I see it was your birthday recently. So happy birthday Susie!

I have sweet memories of you both at Bread & Roses and after.

Be well.....my best,

Bruce Davis

 Sweet Memories by Bruce Davis  at 7/16/2015 8:20:22 PM
 Re: Sweet Memories by Susie  at 7/20/2015 9:29:20 AM