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Author:  Rob Roadman
E-mail:  drroadman@bellsouth.net
Date:  6/30/2015 4:14:39 AM
Subject:  American Trilogy memory
Message:  In 1986-87 I was attending LSU in Baton Rouge while pursuing my Master of Music degree. Each evening, the local NBC television affiliate signed off for the evening with a moving video of scenes from Louisiana and a version of An American Trilogy by a singer I had never heard before. This was back when television stations did not broadcast 24 hours per day.   I fell in love with it -- the song and the video.   I later learned that the singer was Mickey Newbury. The more I learned about his music the more impressed I became with his skill as a songwriter -- and as a singer. He was a voice in the world of "country music" which was unique.   He is and will remain one of my very favorite singer/songwriters. His recording of An American Trilogy is performed with such tenderness and a sense of prayer like sorrow that I I really cannot stand listening to the Elvis Presley version. Thank you, Mickey! You had a true gift. Rest in His peace, for His truth IS marching on!   May God bless Mickey's family and all who loved his music.

 American Trilogy memory by Rob Roadman  at 6/30/2015 4:14:39 AM
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