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Author:  Larry larry
E-mail:  Lmooremnm@aol.com
Date:  5/8/2004 6:43:06 PM
Subject:  Re: Tomorrow
Message:  Ok Dougie, I'm ridin' in on your coat tail on this one. Your post imspired me. love ya, me me


Tomorrow I’d like to take you to lunch.
And just like a kid, “I’d love you a bunch”.
I’’d give you presents, candy, and flowers,
We’’d sit on the front porch and we’d talk for hours.

If you were here......

We’’d talk of old times and things that we did.
Repeats of stories about me as a kid.
My first day at school and you held me tight.
How you put me in bed with a prayer every night.

If you were here.....

We’d go to the grave where your mom is “sleeping”
You’d say a few words, in between weeping.
I’d hold to your hand and we’d walk away.
Knowing, I’d make the same journey someday.

If you were here....

The day would end and I’d drive away.
Look in the mirror and know that someday.
You’d go to a new home in heaven above.
I’d have empty arms with no Mom to love.

If you were here.....

Now there’s just memories, that appear time to time.
And a few stupid lines that I try to rhyme.
Not many tears, except for right now.
And a heart that is breaking and Oh darling, how...

I wish, you were here

Love you, Ella Mae Moore, the greatest mom in the world.


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