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Author:  Craig
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Date:  6/23/2015 6:57:17 PM
Subject:  It's a Country Boy Saturday Night - Gathering
Saturday night was just as good. We got off to a late start. The Gathering was very casual this year. Saturday evening was especially. Ricky Whitley came thru again with another "sound check". It was great! it lasted a full set. We had a bit if a break then Sam Anderson came up. John Napier, the fellow that was working the sound this year blessed us all with a well done set.

Moses Rangel. Wow oh wow! This guy is going places! He has a voice that is second to none! I am so fortunate that he performs primarily in the Houston area. We will definitely seek him out when he performs. He did "Sweet Memories" and it was just amazing! A pure voice.

Sam and Cass came up afterwards and if possible were better somehow than the night before. Just wonderful.

George Ensle. A true Texas troubadour. My son told me later. THAT guy is GOOD! Janet and I saw George this past February at Anderson Fair and yes, I do agree with my son. THAT guy is GOOD!

On a quick side note.... My youngest son surprised me for Father's Day. Unbeknownst to me he came to the Gathering unannounced to be with his old man for Father's Day. Now is that cool or what???

After George Ensle, Lynn Langham and Doug Gill took the state. This much talent should be illegal. Just great music. Their writing abilities are second to none.

Chris finished out the night and did a "knock'em dead" set. I could listen to him for hours. The place was dead quiet. He finished with "the last song" of the night.

It was a great time...together. It was great music...together.

One other small thing...
Kenny, or rather "Koala" that posted round these parts a few years ago has a son. Geoffrey showed up for Saturday night. I brought him in the lobby and introduced him to the faithful. There weren't too many dry eyes. It was a pleasure to make the introductions. Randy D pointed out the he knew his uncle, he even played at Randy's High School Prom in DeRidder, Louisiana. He also knew another brother of Kenny's...Gilbert. It was short homecoming. By the way...is there ANYONE that Randy D doesn't know???

One other itsy bitsy teensy weensy little thing...

I can see it now, years down the road:

And the winner of the 2028 Mickey Newbury Gathering Guitar raffle is....


Yes folks, she won the darn thing again this year! She is a cursed lady. Haha!

We all know that breakfast is always a high point of the Gatherings. It is just, as John Denver would say, FANTASTIC! to sit down and visit. Joey was always the first one up. We had some really good visits before others would show up. Love ya, pal. And folks, don't think that I am leaving anyone else out. We were just the first ones there.

"You can't have a picnic without ants" as they say. There was one low point during the weekend but that will be discussed in another post. It will be along the lines of "Gruene, never on the 3rd weekend of the month again."

To end on one of Mickey's...

"She's climbing a ladder right in to the ground."

Such a well written line.       

 It's a Country Boy Saturday Night - Gathering by Craig at 6/23/2015 6:57:17 PM
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