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Author:  Craig
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Date:  6/22/2015 5:20:52 PM
Subject:  2015 Mickey Newbury Gathering - Friday evening
Friends. Lots of friends. The faithful. There were some that were there that didn't say they would be. There weren't those there that said they would!

Friday night was one of those magical nights. Rickey Whitley never fails to perform! I always enjoy it when he is on stage. Ricky did the sound test and more!

J.R. Bryce from Tulsa was just.... We need to look out for this fellow! He is very, very talented. Bo Porter was up and was unbelievable. Alex Harvey was phenomenal, on both a musical and a personal level. It was icing on the cake when Randy D arrived and those two hadn't seen each other on over 30 years. Not too many dry eyes in the place.

Sam Anderson and Cass Hunter took the stage next. These two have it so well "together" on stage. Cass just keeps get better and better and I don't know how she can keep doing it. We haven't seen Sam since Gainesville and he is just unbelievable.

Chris wrapped up the evening. All I can say is well, it was Chris. Remarkable. Just remarkable.

There was not a single low point. Not one! All were just unbelievable. We sat mesmerized, and in wonder. We all felt very humbled to have been a part of this. it was truly magic.

On a personal note... This was my uncle's 3rd Gathering. We enjoyed each other's company. I was so glad to see him when he came in.

All of the usual suspects were there. I must mention Erik the Dane. Once Erik came in 2004, it is like it can't be a Gathering without Erik. We have become very dear friends, he and his ever present camera. He is more the Gathering chronographer than photographer.

More later...

Missed you Susie G. We all did.

 2015 Mickey Newbury Gathering - Friday evening by Craig at 6/22/2015 5:20:52 PM
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