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Author:  ? still clinging?
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Date:  5/30/2015 3:23:11 PM
Subject:  Re: Mickey's Lyrics - Help Please
Flower Man, Flower Man/With his pretty flower stand/He reads Edgar Casey/He reads Erich Fromm/You can hear him quoting/Thoreau and Gibran/He's become the echo/Of the things he's seen and heard/Singin' all the right songs/Understandin' not one word/He's tellin' me about love/Said that we're all one/On a speck of dirt/That's revolvin' round the sun/See that redneck square, he said/Now he'll get what he deserves/Quick to condemn/Slow to observe/Flower Man, Flower Man/Write me a song about a bird/Thirteen verses in one word/Love's a word I've always heard/but that I seldom see/Tell you what it's all about/Free what's trapped within the doubt/Throw away your fears and doubts/And see where it leads/While the * * * * * still clinging/'Til the grass gives birth to death and life to truth/Practice what you preach


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