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Author:  Ginny G.
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Date:  3/25/2015 11:54:32 AM
Subject:  Re: Candle Group for Susie on Back Porch
Message:  No, you don't need to sign up for anything. You can click the lampshade to get to the back porch. There's separate section called "Candle Groups" and Susie's is on the top in that section now. Go in the thread and click on one of the links that end in SueG. You just fill out your name and initials and type a message. Then you click on the candle wick to light a candle. They only burn for 48 hours so you need to come back and do it again periodically, and it's a good reminder to pray or send good thoughts.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense. Thanks, Mark!

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