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Author:  Susan W
E-mail:  susanjwilliamson@verizon.net
Date:  2/8/2015 11:52:31 AM
Subject:  Gathering XV, '15
Message:  Gathering XV ‘15

Sue Ann and I are working at putting together a “Grand" Gathering this year, with a memorial to Mamie. We have consulted the Newburys about going ahead with having it in Austin since Mamie loved having it there. We are going to try to get the location finalized this week so you all can make plans to come to Texas this June.

Lyn Viles has done a stellar job the last couple years, Thank You Lyn! She has shared with us that the Crown Plaza is possibly available for one of our traditional weekends and Sue Ann is going to try to get us a meeting with them this week. While I am in Austin we will also check out wherever else is available to make sure we get the best deal.   

Sue Ann has agreed to be the head coordinator this year. (After 12 years of being the backbone it’s about time, right?) I am going to be right there with her planning and assisting anyway I can because we pledged to Mamie to carry on and refocus our purpose toward the celebration of her firstborn’s legacy.

Please check back later in the week about more details to come, we have lots of fun surprises in the works and are very excited to work together, again!

We are looking forward to getting your input and suggestions and most of all seeing everyone very soon!

Sue Ann & SusanW

 Gathering XV, '15 by Susan W  at 2/8/2015 11:52:31 AM
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